Our Vision

Our Mission

 To be the leading non-profit organisation in Australia working for the liberty of asylum seekers, refugees and stateless through legal action, advocacy and education.

A world in which all people enjoy liberty without discrimination 


How we work

Human Rights for All brings a collaborative, creative and flexible approach to securing freedom for refugees and stateless people.  We work in tandem with other law firms and human rights organisations on a wide range of cases.


HR4A represents clients before Tribunals, in the Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court and the High Court.  We also make submissions to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD), Human Rights Council, the Committee against Torture and the Australian Human Rights Commission.

HR4A also focuses on advocacy and education to shine a light on the detention of refugees and the stateless.

How we started


Alison Battisson

Human Rights for All was founded and is headed by Director Principal, Alison Battisson.  Before establishing HR4A, Alison worked as a corporate lawyer for top tier firms in Australia, the UK and Indonesia. She has also worked with various volunteer organisations in Zimbabwe, Australia and the UK. 


Alison has a Bachelor of Law (Hons) from the University of Sydney, a Bachelors of Asian Studies and Arts from the Australian National University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Law from the University of London and a Masters of Law (Human Rights and Social Justice) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).  Alison has been included  on the UNSW Dean’s list for academic excellence.

Alison is an in-demand speaker, lecturer and panelist, who can speak authoritatively to media, audiences and students on a wide range of issues related to arbitrary detention, stateless persons, and the ongoing punitive policies towards such people.


Alison has received a number of awards for her work.

How we started

How we started

Our passion-driven team makes up our core strength

The Human Rights for All team is comprised of senior lawyers, paralegals and administrative support personnel, all of who are passionate about ending arbitrary detention and obtaining liberty for as many long-term detained persons as possible.  We look towards a future where mandatory detention for refugees and the stateless no longer exists, and instead there is a fair and just path to a safe and productive life.


Our paralegal team includes law students from a number of NSW universities, all of who have a particular interest in human rights law.  HR4A also provides supervision for law graduates completing their Practical Legal Training (PLT).  Paralegals are exposed to unique cases at all levels of advocacy and Australia’s legal system, including to the High Court of Australia.

Our Board

HR4A has a board of legal and financial experts.

For further information on the board, or to express interest in joining the board, please contact us.


Our outreach to Media

We make media appearances to spread awareness and empathy for refugees and the stateless.

Our message  is to support the right to liberty for everyone.

For media inquiries please email us at: communications@hr4a.com.au


Invictus Games athletes claim asylum

Afghan Invictus athletes explain why they claimed asylum in Australia. HR4A explains that Australia owes them obligations under international law.


M47 Challenges Indefinite Detention

M47 has been detained for almost 10 years. Listen to his story and the resulting legal action.


UN calls for release of child

The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention calls for the release of a 15-month old girl and her mother from immigration detention. HR4A brought this case to the attention of the Working Group.


Blind refugee in detention for 9 yrs

HR4A demands the release of a 35-year-old Tamil refugee with multiple disabilities who has been in detention for more than nine years.


Character Test does not apply

On Christmas Eve 2019, the Federal Court of Australia ruled that section 501 of the Migration Act 1958, which allows for the cancellation of visas due to character concerns, does not apply to refugees. HR4A represented the Tamil refugee in this case


Saudi Gay Journalists

Two Gay Saudi Journalists were detained in immigration detention after seeking asylum in Australia in October 2019. Due to the dangers faced by members of the LGBTIQA+ community in detention, HR4A agitated for the men to be released into the community while awaiting the outcome of their protection claim. They have since been freed!