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Help End Indefinite Detention for Asylum Seekers - Be Part Of The Change

Human Rights For All needs your support to provide legal representation for refugees and stateless people.


You may recall our earlier campaign to assist a number of asylum seekers held in Melbourne's Park Hotel.  This received considerable media coverage due to tennis champion Novak Djokovic's brief detention there.  Due to much hard work, our clients and the other remaining asylum seekers held there are now in the community and the Park Hotel was closed as an Alternative Place of Detention. 


However there are still many refugees and stateless people held in immigration prisons in Australia.  We are actively working to help them also gain their liberty.  They are the forgotten people, and live with constant uncertainty about their futures.  

Operating on a pro-bono basis for our clients, a high proportion of our activities rely completely on volunteer support.  Donations assist us to fund expenses incurred through the legal system. With more funding, we can take more cases on and assist more people to obtain their liberty.  Will you join with us in the fight for freedom?


Pay an amount of your liking one time or set up a payment schedule for regular donations.

  All donations are tax deductible. 



Thank you for your amazing support!

HR4A has DGR status

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