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We make media appearances to spread awareness and empathy for refugees and the stateless.

Our message is to support the right to liberty for everyone.

A selection of our media appearances are listed below.

For media inquiries please email us at:

Sudanese refugees in immigration detention facing few prospects of being released

Sudanese-born men and women are estimated to make up about 10 per cent of people held in Australia's immigration detention facilities, and for most of them, there's little hope of leaving the gated compounds.

Limitless detention of refugees is inhumane and must end, says UN torture watchdog

The United Nations’ torture watchdog has urged Australia to end its “inhumane”, indefinite detention of asylum seekers and immigrants and make reparations for historical human rights abuses.

"I need my freedom"

Mohammed Al-Bdairi should be at the birth of his child – but he remains in detention

Kurt Fearnley's Tiny Island - Alison Battisson

Alison Battisson runs a legal and advocacy organisation that promotes human rights for refugees and asylum seekers. Kurt and Alison were part of a team who helped Afghan Paralympian get to the Tokyo games. Kurt and Alison discuss the complex issues surrounding the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, the importance of advocacy and legal representation.

Massons law graduates changing lives

A truly innovative pro bono initiative, law graduates specialising in commercial property law with Sydney firm Massons can choose the opt-in program with Human Rights For All. A graduate secondment which fully immerses new lawyers in human rights law for two months.

Detention centre truths

Alison speaks to Genna Chanelle Hayes about what goes on inside immigration detention centres

Indefinite detention quietly made legal by Australia's government

A groundbreaking case led by Human Rights For All has resulted in the government creating a new law enabling it to keep asylum seekers in detention indefinitely.

Afghan female athletes find refuge in Australia

Female athletes in Afghanistan were targeted by the Taliban as they began to take over the country in August 2021. A group of activists and lawyers helped them to escape as Kabul fell.

The Loving Podcast x AKONI : Australian Immigration Prisons

Alison spoke again to Genna Chanelle Hayes ahead of the release of her feature film Akoni, which Alison consulted on, about the situation in Australia's immigration detention centres.

Alison Battisson on the victims of Australia's longest lockdown in Michael West Media

An op ed by Alison on asylum seeker clients held in the Park Hotel in Melbourne

The Loving Projects - podcast and photographic exhibition featuring Alison Battisson

Alison was recently featured as part of the launch of The Loving Projects, the brainchild of Genna Chanelle Hayes, which focuses on a range of changemakers who are transforming Australia.

Really Interesting Women podcast

Richard Graham's podcast features conversations with inspiring women about their lives and experiences. Alison recently spoke to him for his podcast

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