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The right to liberty is universal but the road is strewn with hardship for many. Together, let's strive to put LIBERTY first.

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There is no right to legal representation in Australia 


We are dedicated to freeing refugees and people who are stateless from immigration detention

There are an estimated 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide and over 3.9 million people are stateless.

Between 2009 to 2018, Australia recognized or resettled only 0.89% of the 20.3 million refugees recognized globally.*


*Source: UNHCR 2020

Just over a thousand refugees & the stateless are locked up within the confines of eight notorious detention centres with limited legal representation.*

Our focus is to ensure basic human rights and humanitarian treatment for refugees and the stateless



People freed



Still in detention

We fight for the vulnerable

We are driven by empathy. Operating pro-bono, many of our activities rely completely on volunteer support as well as donations from individuals and organisations who share the same passion for freedom.

We create sustainable change




 HR4A takes on the “too hard” or “impossible” cases, which have often exhausted traditional legal approaches. HR4A actively looks for aspects of cases that have not been pursued fully or can be challenged in an alternative fashion. 

 We challenge the current narrative around people seeking asylum through the success of our cases, submissions to human rights organisations and media engagement.

We push the system to ensure the basic human rights of people in detention are recognized and respected. 

 We believe that the current system of immigration detention needs to be brought to the attention of the Australian public along with the UN and other international human rights bodies, through public discourse & media focus.

To advance our cause, we are training the next generation of human rights lawyers through our internship program.

We pursue change through the system- 

and we don't give up!

We are relentless in pursuing responses, recommendations and opinions from international organisations and bodies in relation to our clients, as well as for all other asylum seekers and refugees held in Australian detention

Government response to COVID-19

On May 28, 2020, Human Rights For All made a submission to the Senate Select Committee investigating the Morrison Government's response to COVID-19

Read the details here.

Australian Human Rights Commission report into Arbitrary Detention

In September 2020, the Australian Human Rights Commission delivered a report to the Attorney-General on a complaint made by our client, Mr AC, against the Department of Home Affairs that his now 7 year detention is arbitrary. This report has just been released.


Read the details here.


ICC communique brings positive response

In 2016, HR4A with other lawyers and academics, submitted a Communique to the International Criminal Court.  The response has finally been received….four years later.

Read the details here.

United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention opinions recommendations

Every single opinion issued by the UN WGAD in regard to Australia’s treatment of those in immigration detention in the last four years has been as a result of a HR4A submission. 

In every case, the immediate release of the person and compensation for the suffering they have endured has been recommended.

The opinions can be read here.

We celebrate every moment


27 Feb 2020

DRUM ROLL! 10 YEARS DENIED LIBERTY! Free today and reunited with family and friends! We are thrilled and exhausted. Share loudly and proudly.

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—  Free after 3 years of detention & recent recipient of a full university scholarship